Unconditional love: the extraordinary bond between pets and their owners, a bond for life, a bond for sailing the rough seas of life, transforms the lives of both pets and owners.

I did not get to know my siblings well as a child because they were much older than me. They played a key role as an infant and toddler, but I have scant recollections of these times.

How Dogs Changed My Life

We always had dogs though. I did not experience a day of childhood that did not consist of tail wagging, face-licking, howling, running, or play-fighting routines. After my siblings moved out, the dogs became my best friends a lot of the time. They would always keep me company, play the role of protector, and come check on me if I was upset.

I did not have my own dog until I was 13, a black lab mix of some sort. We found him in a paper bag along with his brother by the lake and decided to foster them for a while. We adopted my dog’s brother and I thought my dog would be next so I got very upset.

A Special Christmas Present

My mother, who is a huge dog person, saw the pain in my eyes and made sure I had a special Christmas gift that year. It was my dog. She made me think that we were having trouble adopting him out, but in reality, she was just biding her time!

Nowadays, we have two dogs, a pit bull mix and a golden retriever. My girlfriend works in the veterinary field so we have also taken on a lot of other pets…..for the kids of course. We have two orange cats, a bearded dragon, an armada of swordtail fish, and most recently a Crested Gecko.

Check Out My TikTok “My Crazy Pets” @bunchy7777

In my spare time, I like to post videos on TikTok of our pets being well….our pets. One of our cats likes to take my girlfriend’s yarn and spread it all around the house. I have some tug-of-war matches with Panda the pitbull-mix, and some other funny videos. Check them out if you have a moment!

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