Renard wants bloggers to stop overthinking the blogging process.

Stop Overthinking The Blogging Process

Solid advice for those of us new to the blogging game, thanks Renard!

10 responses to “Stop Overthinking The Blogging Process”

  1. Great information and advice. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Absolutely. Its like when I first learnt how to drive a manual transmission. I sat there thinking to myself, how the hell am I supposed to depress the clutch, shift gears, control the steering wheel, accelerate and occasionally tap the brakes all at once while not looking at what I’m doing.
    3 months down the road I was driving and in 6 I got my license.

      1. What time is it there where ever you are??!

      2. Ok, so you’re from america. 10:55 pm here east india. It’s cold and I’m tucked up in bed. Here comes winter ! Have a great day Mike.

  3. Just make yourself comfortable where you are

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