Interview someone — a friend, another blogger, your mother, the mailman — and write a post based on their responses.

I recently had a moment to sit down and interview my bearded dragon Sandy about his thoughts on the new Johnny Depp/Amber Heard documentary on Netflix.

Me: How have you been? I heard you’re quite a fan of Netflix these days.

Sandy the Beardi hunting for crickets
Sandy looking for crickets

Sandy: Yeah, my owners were nice enough to put the big television were I can see what they are watching. They are pretty nice….for humans.

Me: That’s good. So you saw the new Johnny Depp/Amber Heard documentary recently?

Sandy: Yes it was fascinating to see how people absolutely lost their minds over this trial.

Me: What did you like about the documentary?

Sandy: I thought it did a good job of showing both perspectives, but I gotta say that both of them seemed to have their issues. I can see why their relationship turned into a dumpster fire.

Me: What did you not like about it?

Sandy: Well I would of liked more close ups of small insects, especially some crickets. I also would of liked for these famous humans to use their platforms for something other than acting like hatchlings. I mean the whole pooping in the bed thing….I do that all the time, what is the big deal?

Me: Well said, well said….maybe in the sequel the producers can add some insect cameo’s to bring in more of the reptile crowd.

Sandy’s Favorite Meal Worms – (Sandy and I are Amazon Affiliate Marketers)

Sandy the Beardi watching television
Sandy telling owner to move so he can see the television better

Sandy: Yeah it would be nice if they anticipated our wants and needs a little more. Sometimes it feels like they don’t realize we are the ones powering a lot of their ratings. I literally can’t turn my television off.

Me: Ok, one last question….rumor has it that you are thinking of trying out for Alone season 11 in Australia, any truth to this?

Shameless self promotion – (I am a Amazon Affiliate Marketer) – I have to make like 10 bucks in the next 150 days or I am off the Amazon team! Yikes!

Pedro Pascual Air Freshener – Check out this Pedro Pascal Air Freshener – only $10! – It keeps your car smelling nice while warding off evil spirits! Sandy loves it (as long as it is not nearby, as beardi’s are sensitive to smell)!

Random pic of Dani the cat
Random picture of Dani

Sandy: I can neither confirm nor deny these reports at this time, but my agent feels positively about my future as a reality star. I mean if Johnny Depp and Amber Heard can do it, how hard can it be?

Me: Lol….facts! Ok, that is a wrap then, thank you for your insights and good luck with your next project.

(Sandy tilts head down wondering when the mealworms will be delivered)

Sandy the Beardi
Sandy the beardi, television critic
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