My idea of romance is when my girlfriend says “Hey Mike, let’s go fishing today together.” The thought of being at the lake with my woman by my side in the “Great Outdoors” makes me feel loved. I also enjoy when she says, “Hey Mike, I have Dodger tickets,” because it means we are going to a Dodger game which we both enjoy immensely. So basically, Dodger Games with my girlfriend and fishing trips are my love language. I also enjoy some freshly made Oatmeal Raising Cookies!

I know Romanticism was not the topic, but I feel like I am definitely a bit of a Romantic in that sense. I enjoy thinking about the “good old days” and being in places that are more rural, National Parks, and such. I think we have over-complicated life in an effort to make it easier and in the process, lost or muddled our identities as human beings. I like reading John Muir and generally seek a state of balance with nature, that my normal day does not always afford me.

What is your definition of romantic? Feel free to comment, like, and follow for updates to my blog! Thanks for reading!

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