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Are you holding a grudge? About?
photo of empty class room
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  1. I taught college level classes but the BS politics was one thing I could not get passed. Educators are not revered in this country as they should be professional athletes are paid Millions but the teachers that got them to where they are still have to buy supplies for their classrooms out of their poverty wages. Teachers should be looked upon just like a Lawyer or a Doctor because training the minds of the next generation is just as, if not more valuable.

    1. Other countries get it, why can’t we? We have hundreds of billions of dollars for incarcerating our own citizens and endless wars, but can’t “afford” universal Pre-K and quality after school programs to stop them from getting there. It is so short-sighted.

      1. We are a bunch entitled ass holes that seem to only have an interest in things that make money or are entertaining and the moronic masses don’t see value in education ☹️

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