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What TV shows did you watch as a kid?

Cartoons gave me the strength to face the day when I was a kid. Watching Transformers or G.I. Joe would get me excited about facing challenges, conquering my fears, and fighting for what I believe in. I loved the Thundercats series, He-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and even Reading Rainbow when I was younger. I decided to try to rank them, so here it goes:

#1 G.I. JoeG.I. Joe blew my mind the first time I watched it, I must of been like five or six-years old. It took me a while to grasp what exactly was going on. My best friend Chris and I eventually got a lot of the figurines and we would go in our backyards and role play a bunch of scenarios based on the show. It usually ended in some colossal battle where everyone died, but we loved it. The battle was often joined by the figures from my number two choice…..drum roll please…. ( I am a Amazon Affiliate Marketer, I included some links to cool looking action figures).

#2 Transformers – Giant robots hiding among us disguised as cars and helicopters or even giant insects…..woah! Whenever I would be going places with my parents I would see cars that matched the make of my favorite Transformer characters and wonder….what if that is them? Optimus Prime always had a great moral compass and was by far my favorite character. Come to think of it, he might of been one of my inspirations for becoming a teacher and a leader!

#3 –Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles became an instant hit with all the neighborhood kids. It was such a bizarre story, but really enjoyable to watch. Master Splinter brought eastern philosophy into the minds of suburban kids in America, which also broadened my horizons a bit I suppose!

#4 – He-Man He-Man faced down some serious bad guys, including Skeletor, who I was legitimately afraid of until I was probably seven or so. She-Ra would make guest appearances on the show and together, they could handle pretty much anything. “I have the Power”, He-man’s catchphrase when he powers up, will be forever embedded in my memory.

#5 – Thundercats – I don’t remember a whole lot about the Thundercats because I was still a little guy when I would watch it. I do remember getting annoyed that My Little Pony came on after it though. If the girls who would “chase” you at school caught you, it was rumored they would make you watch My Little Pony, which was a terrifying prospect!

#6 – Reading Rainbow – Reading Rainbow came on after Sesame Street on the public access channel and I absolutely loved it those Pre-K years. The theme song was catchy and it actually made me love reading.

Link to Amazon Prime Video (Season 6) – Free with PBS Kids

#7 – Mr. Rogers Neighborhood – Since I have basically become Mr. Rogers, I think this one had a pretty big impact on me. Mr. Rogers could make you feel like everything was great, that life was just some happy dream and nothing bad would ever happen. Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood was an amazing show with a a lot of great lessons in communication, feelings, and manners.

I hope you enjoyed reading my favorite TV shows from my childhood. What were your favorite TV shows from your childhood? What were some of the funny stories that accompanied them? What are your thoughts on these shows now?

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