Sandy Koufax, a local bearded dragon and avid television watcher, really enjoyed Seasons 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, and 9 of the popular reality television series television “Alone”. There was a lot of interesting plot twists in the show. The large insects the humans would use to fish, looked delicious, although he could not see himself on the show when in cold areas, for obvious reasons. Season Four of Alone featured a team challenge where the contestants had to find each other using a map and compass in the formidable wilderness of Vancouver Island. Apparently, no one had tried hiking across Vancouver island as it was next to impossible for the teams to get to one another. Miles and miles of rugged slippery dangerous terrain had to be crossed just to start the game. Only a handful of the eight teams made it to the second stage of setting up camp. Mr. Koufax completely lost interest by this time and decided it would be more interesting to stare into the wall of his cave. His beard became black displaying his agitation with how Season Three ended prematurely.

Local Bearded Dragon showing frustration with Season Three of Alone

When asked for comments, Mr. Koufax stated, he still is a fan of Alone and respected that the production team was willing to change the format of the challenge, but was glad that they went back to the original format of having the contestants actually Alone in the wild. Further he stated that he would be ecstatic to see a season of Alone based in Australia. In fact, he would consider applying because he thought he would be a “natural”.

Mr. Koufax avid television watcher and critic.

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  1. Alone is addicting. I’m catching up on the current season right now. Although I love backpacking, fishing and camping out in the mountains, I think I’d tap out by day 3 at the very latest. Day 1 if I saw a bear.

    1. It is an amazing perspective building show. It reminds us how difficult survival is and how fortunate we truly are, but also cursed in some ways because of losing touch with nature.

      1. I agree, we are so compartmentalized these days, it is almost like we are on our own version of “Alone” sometimes.

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