Daily writing prompt
What jobs have you had?

My first job was working at a baseball camp for former Dodger bullpen coach Mark Cresse, which was a great experience. My first day my pitching machine hit Brett Butler’s son twice, while he was watching and glaring at me intensely, but after that I learned the ropes. It was hard work being in 100 degree plus heat everyday and then practicing till dark after camp, but it taught me a great work ethic and made me an excellent baseball player. I also got to meet my childhood idols at the stadium: Tommy Lasorda, Mike Piazza, Eric Karros, Tim Wallach, and many others.

Second phase of careers was the restaurant business mainly as a waiter for seven years or so as I navigated my way through college. It was hard work as well, but a great job for a college student and gave me time, money and freedom to pursue my many other interests. My last few years I was the headwaiter at the now defunct Perry’s Italian Cafe in Mammoth Lakes, which allowed me to work at nights, make good money, and most importantly ski/snowboard almost every day.

Then came teaching. I started with teaching ski school in Mammoth, then substitute teaching, summer school teaching and eventually became a high school history teacher and coach for baseball and soccer. I also run our Model United Nations Club and am a union representative. Teaching has been great, I feel very fulfilled (not so much in the restaurant business) and have had the luxury of spending a lot of time with my family over the years. I feel very fortunate and blessed.

What’s next? I am looking to retire from teaching in 12 years and possibly become a fly fishing guide or something very outdoorsy. I could definitely see myself moving back to the mountains or maybe a travel blogger of some sort.

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