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What bothers you and why?

Greetings readers! I think ignorance in today’s information based society bothers me more than anything. I feel like there really is no excuse for being ignorant these days with so much information at one’s fingers. We should be heading towards an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity, but that is very much in doubt due to widespread ignorance.

People who do not tip bother the heck out of me. I worked as a waiter for seven years and I relied upon tips to make a living. Tipping is such a great way to show another human being compassion. People do not like tipping cashiers now because sometimes they are asked for a tip at the end of a transaction, but being a cashier is rough. Anyone that has done that type of work knows it is a grind. You are on your feet all day, dealing with people, most of whom are nice, but some are going to be complete jerks and make you want to quit your job. Trying to keep a smile on through an untold number of very brief social interactions each day can be soul stealing. Leaving a dollar tip really is really not a big deal.

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Entitled people bother me, people that feel like the world owes them something because of their high and mighty status. In my experience there are two kinds of wealthy people (and of course this is subjective), one is the generous wealthy person who gives generously and does not feel they are above everyone else, the other the entitled wealthy person who feels that the world owes them more. The former is a boon to the community and humanity in general, the latter not so much.

Anyway, just some thoughts on what bothers me. What bothers you? How do you feel about tipping? How do you feel about entitled people? Opine below!

Tipping is such a great way to show another human being compassion.

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  1. Okay- I served/bartended all through college and I’m SO TORN about the new tipping culture. 100% I tip when I sit down to eat, get a carryout from a restaurant or get any type of service BUT recently I ordered Subway through the app and it asked for a tip. When it was ready I walked in and picked up my food from a shelf and and at no point did I even interact with a human for my order— what’s your opinion. Is a tip warranted here?

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