Daily writing prompt
What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it?

I have searched recently for some bearded dragon mealworms, a digital copy of the Constitution, and stumbled upon some cool deals on computers. I do enjoy my online shopping; digging into the different brands, prices, clearance’s and whatnot. I have a bit of a QLED television obsession at times because, I mean, come on they are so awesome now! I also searched for the box score and write-up of my Adult-Baseball League Championship Win last Sunday, that was pretty cool!

Shameless Promotion – Amazon Sale on 65″ TCL QLED Television (Disclosure: I am Amazon Affiliate Marketer Occasionally). I have a slightly older version of this TV and it is awesome! If you have any TV related questions, I’m your guy, just ask my girlfriend!

I detest some aspects of our modern reliance on technology, but online shopping is not one of them. Online shopping for Christmas presents is really fun for me because it is a present inside of a present, what could be better than that? I also get to avoid the stores, the long lines, the crowds, the noise, the fight for parking, and all the rest of it, which is fine by me.

My training as an Economist also has made shopping more interesting because I find myself constantly theorizing about why prices are changing, what news events I can connect to current trends, how the stock market’s current performance is effecting things, and the application of how I can explain these trends to my economics students in a practical way, so that makes it a little more interesting. I remember my mom taking me shopping and dragging me from store to store. I just never had the attention span for it.

Those are some of my thoughts on recent internet searches. Thanks for reading Bunchiesblog, I hope you have a great day, or evening for that matter.

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  1. I used to own bearded dragons, babyโ€™s, took them out in the garden and when the sun was on them they used to run a round like crazy! Miss them – thinking of getting those again, they really are mistaken creatures that have a heart of gold and love cuddles and attention

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