I think I live a fairly sustainable life because of my minimalism, but it isn’t something I set out to do purposely to be a good person. I think a …

How I live a sustainable life.


  1. You see I’d like to say the same but since I got sick I can make rent bills and food and 100 bucks left for the month witch is sad and I have essential thrombosis of the blood Iam on chemo for it and on 5 different Nordic’s witch I want to be off it drs pushed it yes iam in pain but iam still in pain now with them body is used to it so why be on it

      1. It’s been a battle as it is now that’s why I try to build websites sell them Iam a website builder designer Iam a programmer I can build any app u want and now I just put up a radio station 😔 and I do it all out of my own pocket I try to get more people on board but not many people like or interested in my information

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