Daily writing prompt
If you had to give up one word that you use regularly, what would it be?

If I had to give up one word that I use regularly, it would have to be T*$#p. I am so over hearing this man’s name, but because I am a government teacher, I have to talk about him often. Every time I do do it, I feel like I am helping him build his empire of corruption (Here I go again).

For the life of me, I can not understand how any American can support his political campaign. He has shown time and time again a lack of any type of integrity, unmitigated self interest, and a desire to do our democratic system and its institutions great harm.

We are the strongest country in the world, have been for close to 100 years, why in the world would we throw away our system that has seen us through some very difficult times in favor of someone who wants to be our dictator for life so he can steal every penny possible from us? It is absolute insanity.

I am a political moderate split ticket voter, or was, until T*&^p came along and the Republican Party became the party of T*&%p uber alles. I loved Reagan (I was a kid at the time), but I still think he was a great President because he won the frickin’ Cold War!

I think the Democrats spending habits are very concerning when they have an opposition party that (used to) care about fiscal conservancy as a long term policy position. I don’t think government can solve all of our problems, but should facilitate giving the people a chance to do so.

T*&^p though, is on a different level. I knew from the moment he said, “Russia if your out there, can you send us Hillary Clinton’s emails….”, he was probably a traitor. As a child of the Cold War, this was unthinkable to me, remembering Reagan’s staunch anti-communist rhetoric and viewpoint.

T*&%p wants to burn our country to the ground, create massive social conflict, and in the chaos of all that crown himself our “king” on his golden throne. It is so sad that 30% of of our population wants to help him do so.

So far the levee’s of our institutions have not broken, but how long can they stand up to 100 million people who voted for him in the last Presidential election? Hopefully, if he loses the next election, he will start to fade into the void of time. I can not wait for that day.