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So here is my first real blogpost: Coronavirus: Legitimate Pandemic or Plotted Conspiracy. Forgive some of the technical glitches, this is literally Day 1. So is the Coronavirus a giant global conspiracy deliberately orchestrated to: crash the global economy, instill fear in the people of the world, grant governments emergency powers, and cause panic in financial markets or a naturally occurring virus that originated in the way that all other viruses have? I have been noticing that there is a division among people on my social media page that goes both ways; so I am going to use some quality quarantine-time to investigate.

As with any crime, there must be a motive. What could motivate someone or a nation-state to unleash a plague like this upon the world? The obvious answer would be terrorists bent on the destruction of the West, but this disease does not discriminate between groups of people, so this seems unlikely unless it is a group that has massive power and possibly a cure already for the disease to insulate themselves from its effects. Could it be an illuminati type of group that wants to thin the world population that is sitting on a cure? Could it be scientists so fed up with Trump that they decided to reign chaos upon him? Let’s take a closer look….

First I would like to look at a country that isn’t the U.S. and how they are reacting to the disease. According to Richard Stone of Science Magazine in Iran, Supreme Leader Ali Khomeni has described the virus as a plague sent from “the West” to discourage people in Iran for voting in parliamentary elections. Many Iranians have died taking false cures for Covid-19 that have actually been bottles of methanol, a major ingredient in antifreeze for engines. So it seems, the Iranian government would have us believe it was the “West” that send this plague upon them. The only problem with that theory is it is certainly hitting us just as hard with over 100,000 cases as of today, so this seems unlikely.

Meanwhile in the United States, people have a wide variety of theories about who is behind the creation and spread of Coronavirus. According to EJ Dickson at Rolling Stone, QAnon a YouTuber and Jordan Sather stirred up a storm revealing via Twitter that a patent on Coronavirus has been filed by the Pilbright Institute of England in 2015. Anti-vaccine groups jumped on this opportunity to voice their disillusionment with Big-Pharma and thus one of many American conspiracy theories regarding Coronavirus was born, also implicating Bill Gates in the conspiracy as he gave a presentation in 2018 going talking about how world governments were not ready for the next pandemic. This was evidence enough for QAnon and company to lash out at Bill Gates and the Pilbright institute on Facebook and other social media outlets. Ironically, Bill Gates has been talking about our lack of readiness for years following the Ebola outbreak in Southern Sudan and even dating before that. While it is true that the Pilbright Institute did file a patent on a coronavirus for research purposes, there are hundreds of versions of coronaviruses throughout the world that we have been living alongside for millennia. They certainly did not have CoVid-19, so this seems quite far-fetched. Rush Limbaugh initially had said on his radio show that Covid-19 was just the common cold. He went on to tell his listeners that it was just the media trying to bring down President Trump. Time has shown that this disease is definitely not the common cold as it has claimed almost 40,000 victims so far globally even with all of the quarantine efforts.

President Trump Calls Astronauts During First All-Woman Spacewalk (NHQ201910180016)
President Trump Calls Astronauts During First All-Woman Spacewalk (NHQ201910180016) by NASA HQ PHOTO is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

Other conspiracy theories around the world concern the transmission of the disease itself. The World Health Organization has made a list of myths to “bust” on their website, in regards to the Coronavirus. One of the most pernicious is that if it is above 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit) you can not catch the Coronavirus…sadly not true. Another myth that is getting traction is that if you catch Coronavirus you will have it for life….thankfully untrue! It has also been widely circulated that if you have trouble holding your breath for 10 seconds that this is an indication of disease. While obviously, one should be concerned with any loss of function in their lungs, this does not mean you have or do not have the disease. I was also bummed out to find out that alcohol does not cure Coronavirus. I guess I will take my beer out of my fridge!

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In conclusion, I hope you have found this article informative as we are in a rapidly changing world and their is a lot of bad information circulating. After reviewing some of the more prevalent conspiracy theories, they seem to be based on bias and superstition more than reality. This disease does not care who you are from, or where you live, it is doing its best to infect the entire human population and I don’t think that was in anyone’s playbook as far as a conspiracy goes.

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