To Live And Die in L.A….Seven Things I Love About Living in Los Angeles

If you have never been, I would highly recommend visiting Los Angeles. There are countless things to do, places to visit, and interesting day or weekend trips. The climate is pretty ideal most of the year, especially close to the beach, the people are friendly, and best of all, it is my home!

Perseid Meteor Shower Begins Tonight

A History of the Famous Perseid Meteor Shower and 6 Tips For Watching This Event Tonight!

The Perseid meteor shower, a celestial event that has captivated the imagination of skywatchers for centuries, is set to unveil its luminous display tonight. For followers of my blog and enthusiasts of the cosmos alike, this is an opportune moment to delve into the rich history that has shaped the Perseid meteor shower into the awe-inspiring phenomenon it is today.