My thoughts on schools reopening. Take for example, there are literally 15 restrooms for students on our campus of 2500.  The problem isn’t so much a lack of will, more that education has been underfunded for years with the bare minimum in regards to facilities.  Even pre-pandemic I thought this was somewhat appalling, but now….  assuming all the bathrooms are functional, which they seldom are, that is 167 kids per bathroom per day assuming they only use them once, which is unrealistic.  Classrooms are too few and too small and have been for a long time.  Class sizes range from 30-55 depending on the school, plus support personnel.  Multiply this by thousands of schools.  This could be the super spreader event that truly devastates the country.  Hospitals will overcrowd, there will be no containing the virus, ir escape from it.  We need to face the fact that unless we are prepared to be absolutely ravaged by this virus until we get herd immunity, slow and steady, data driven, reopening of schools and the economy is the best policy

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